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 An introduction

Hello and welcome to the official website of the Miami Center Company for Mobile Devices Trading, and to communicate with the largest number of customers, the company established an electronic commercial store within the framework of its tireless work towards providing the best products and easiest services to its customers in a distinctive way.

 Terms of use

The user agrees under these terms to:

  1. Not to write any comments, publish or send any content on our site that represent phrases or content that represent insulting, defamation, defamation, threat, or of an offensive, lewd and satirical nature, or of a political nature or a nature that is critical of governments and contravenes public morals and morals or of a racist nature or contains false and misleading data or It represents an advertisement for competing or illegal products or an advertisement for companies or sites of the same field or contains software viruses or hacking software or of a nature not commensurate with the subject of the publication.
  2. The Miami Center website reserves the full right to remove any comment or content that we consider objectionable or inconsistent with public morals, morals, laws, and regulations in force within the Arab Republic of Egypt without the need for prior notice, in addition to taking all actual and legal measures and prosecution against violators of the aforementioned Bearing in mind that all of this is subject to our absolute exclusive discretion of the foregoing.

 Privacy policy

This includes user and customer data, protecting and updating it as follows:

  • User data: The site has the right to collect user data and be used to improve our advertising and marketing campaigns, provide users with periodic and non-periodic promotional flyers, send promotional offers and discounts, as well as determine the dates and methods of delivery of the products desired to be purchased.
  • User data protection: The site takes all preventive and preventive measures to protect the database of users of the site, and it has the right to use all legal and judicial procedures against those who infringe on that database.
  • User update data: The user registered on the site via the Internet, using his password, can modify or delete any data related to him.

 Site errors

Those in charge of the site make a lot of efforts to ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information on the offered products, their specifications, and capabilities, and we work diligently to update this information on an ongoing basis, but all the errors, inaccuracies or deficiencies that occur to that information, including the specifications, capabilities, and extent of their availability, are not matched. Any guarantees or liability on us if it occurs - while fully preserving the site in correcting, correcting, updating, and changing that information about the products without prior notice.

 Purchases for products through the site

The clause deals with the method of purchasing the products offered on the site from the moment of expressing the desire and giving the purchase order to complete obtaining 

The user can easily and easily buy the products advertised on our website without suffering and hardship by:

  • Entering the site and selecting the products to be purchased.
  • Add products to your cart by clicking on the (Add to Cart) icon.
  • Review the value and price of the products.
  • To give the purchase order, click on the (order confirmation) icon.
  • Choose the method of paying for the products.

 Ways to pay for the purchased products

After reviewing the total price of the purchased products, the user chooses the method of payment in one of the main ways:

  • Credit Cards - Please enter the required information.
  • Cash on delivery after shipment - Please enter the required information to determine the place and date of delivery.

 Shipping and delivery methods

Through our website, the user can request the shipment of any of the products presented through the site to be delivered to the door of the house through one of the shipping companies of our choice, with expenses incurred by the user.



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